Third & fourth year of studies elective courses

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Elective courses of Fall semester (5th and 7th Semester)

ID Elective course
N050 Physiological Principles of Pediatric Exercise Science
N051 Applied Psychology to Maximize Efficiency
N053 Detection and Selection of Athletic Talents
N054 Introduction to Winter Skiing
N055 Foreign Language I
N056 Sport Animation in Hotels
N057 Baseball – Softball
N058 Technical Climbing
N059 Personal Training
N071 Olympic and Athletic Education
N072 Business action on issues of exercise and health
N073 Psychomotricity
N074 Organization & Administration of Sport & Cultural Events
N075 Introduction to Sport Marketing
N076 Introduction to Aerobics
N077 Εργομετρική - Εργοφυσιολογική Αξιολόγηση Αθλουμένων

Elective courses of Spring semester (6th and 8th Semester)

ID   Elective course   ID   Elective course
N061 Alternative Aerobics N062 Introduction to Table Tennis
N063 Organization & Operation of Sports Academies-Camps N064 Dance & World Civilizations
N065 Dance Therapy N066 Introduction in International & Latin Dances
N067 Music for Dance N068 Water Polo I
N069 Scuba Diving N080 Water Life Saving *
N081 Basic Skills in Information Society N082 Foreign Language II
N083 First Aid N084 Experimental Activities
N085 Racquetball - Squash N086 Internet and multimedia technologies
N087 Exercise & Chronic Diseases N088 Introduction in weightlifting
N089 Modern Olympic Games N090 Introduction to Sport Shooting
N091 Air-pistol Shooting N092 Air–Rifle Shooting
N093 Communication & public relations N094 New technologies in Basketball
N095 Trampoline N096 Acrobatic gymnastics in the athletic festivals
N097 Assessment in Physical Education N098 Mini Basketball
Ν099 Beach Volley    

Note: For any elective course (prerequisite or free choice) to be active

  • If the elective has practical nature and is associated with individual sports, it should be selected from at least four (4) students.
  • If the elective course is associated with a team sport, or has a theoretical nature, it should be selected from at least six (6) students.