Fourth year of study

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ID   Core courses - 7th Semester   H/W   ECTS
Ν3.. 5th Concentration Course 2 7
Ν3.. 6th Concentration Course 2 7
Ν4..-Ν5.. 3rd Specialization Course 4 8
Ν4..-Ν5.. Specialization Practicum 2 6
Ν0.. 7th Elective course * 2 2
Ν175 Workshop for presentation and analysis of data using computers * 2 2
ID Core courses - 8th Semester H/W ECTS
Ν181 Elementary & Secondary Physical Education Practicum 2 9
Ν182 Entrepreneurship and the sport market 2 4
Ν3.. 7th Concentration Course 2 7
Ν4..-Ν5.. 4th Specialization Course 4 8
Ν0.. 8th Elective course * 2 2
Ν185 Undergraduate Research Project * 2 2

* During Concentration Studies each students can chose:
either 4 elective courses
(5th, 6th, 7th, 8th elective courses)
or 1 elective course (5th elective course) plus a Dissertation Study (courses with ID N165, N175 and N185).

For Dissertation Study (course N185) the successful completion of the courses N165 and N175, during the 6thand 7th semester is required. This comes in replacement of the 6th, 7th and 8th elective courses.