Concentrations - Specializations

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Students wishing to follow a Specialization during the Concentration Studies (3rd & 4th year of studies) are obliged to successfully attend the respective pre-requisite course, getting a mark of at least seven (7) which, according to ECTS, corresponds to grade C (good).

Each practical didactics course of the Spring Semester (2nd & 4th Semester) constitutes the pre-requisite course for a corresponding specialization.

For the Specializations that there are no prerequisites during the 1st or 2nd year, there are specific 2nd-year elective courses (3rd or 4th Semester) from which any student can choose up to four.

  • The signing for the prerequisite courses that are offered exclusively during the fall or the spring semester will take place prior the beginning of the respective semester electronically via 
  • The exact dates will be announced on time by the Secretariat of the Department