Concentration: Sports Training Theory & Application

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ID   Courses 5th Semester   ID   Courses 6th Semester
N311 Sports Biomechanics N313 Sports Physiology
N312 Teaching & Learning of Sport Skills N314 Exercise Biochemistry
ID Courses 7th Semester ID Courses 8th Semester
N315 New Technologies in Sports N317 Nutrition & Sport Performance
N316 Principles of Planning &
Guiding Training
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S/N Specializations S/N Specializations
1. Badminton 2. Tennis
3. Basketball 4. Track and Field Athletics
5. Swimming 6. Wrestling
7. Volleyball 8. Football
9. Rhythmic Gymnastics 10. Tae Kwon Do

The Concentration Courses require the presence of the students.

ABSENCE: For those courses where attendance is compulsory, students are allowed to miss 30% of the total number of lectures taught in every semester (General Assembly Decision 382/25-5- 2009).

Each Specialization lies within a particular Concentration. In parallel with the Specialization courses there are compulsory Concentration courses as well.

Students who are being accepted as distinguished athletes are obliged to follow the respective Specialization (as far as this kind of Specialization is included in the Department’s Program of Study.