Area of Concentration: Exercise for Special Populations

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The objectives of this area of concentration include:

  1. The acquisition of knowledge regarding disorders of cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and muscular-skeletal system (causes-symptoms-treatment possibilities by means of exercise).
  2. Learning techniques and methods of preventing and rehabilitating these disorders.
  3. Developing skills of planning and applying exercise programs with a view to not only preventing such disorders, but also intervening in order to achieve rehabilitation.
  4. The acquisition of knowledge and experience regards the individual differences leading to the various growth or acquired kinetic cognitive and emotional problems, aiming at the modified application of physical activity and exercise.
  5. Learning approaches of evaluating kinetic abilities and physical fitness parameters of the various groups of people with special needs.
  6. Developing skills of planning and applying exercise programs aiming at improving the kinetic abilities and physical fitness parameters of people with special needs.

Objectives of Specializations: Exercise for Special Populations 

1. Rehabilitation training of muscular-skeletal injuries and disorders

This specialization aims at familiarizing students with the most frequently occurring muscular-skeletal injuries and disorders among athletes and the majority of ordinary people. Specifically, prevention measures of such injuries, their causes, symptoms as well their treatment by the team’s rehabilitation trainer are analyzed. Students learn how to evaluate an injury, plan and apply a rehabilitation program to help the injured athlete return to his/her athletic activity and how this particular program is modified when applied to ordinary people.

2. Adapted Physical Education - Activity
The aim of this specialization is to provide students with essential knowledge and experience in the benefits and adaptations exercise causes to chronic patients and disabled people. In particular, the most serious disorders of the cardiovascular-skeletal system are analysed and how they can be faced by specialized exercise programmes. Moreover, the features and nature of special diseases such as cancer, spinal cord disorders, and Parkinson disorder etc. are analysed.