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Instructions on Web Site applications and tools
Web Site: You are advised to use at least 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution, true color - 16 color depth and small fonts in order to view our web site in the best possible way. If you want to modify your screen resolution, you must go to: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings > and change the settings of your screen resolution.

Search (general): Type in the desirable word or phrase and click on the "Search" button.

Search Filters: You can search the contents with all words, with any word, and with the exact phrase. In this search you can sort content by most recent first, with the oldest first, the most popular, alphabetically and by category. Also, you can only browse categories, contacts, articles, news, feeds and links.

Greek fonts

folder Greek fonts: Download the Greek Fonts in order to see the Greek pages of the site in PC environment.
Download the zip file from here.
File size: 349Kb.
Estimated download time (56K modem): 1 minute.

The latest versions of the most popular tools

acrobat Acrobat Reader της Adobe: from Adobe is used to open and print .PDF files.
Download version 10.0 from here.
File size: 731Kb.
Estimated download time (56K modem): 1 hour 13 minutes.


flash Macromedia Flash Player: with Macromedia Flash Player, you can view animation and websites made in Flash.
Download version 11 from here.
File size: 742Kb.
Estimated download time (56K modem): 2 minutes & 20 seconds.


qtime Quicktime: With Quicktime, you can view .MOV video clips.
Download version 7.7.1 from here.
File size: 37.6Mb.
Estimated download time (56K modem): 1 hour & 16 minutes.

Note: an Internet connection is required during the installation process. If you experience Internet difficulties during the installation process, try downloading the stand-alone installer from here.


wmediaplayer Windows Media Player: Is an all-in-one player for video and audio clips.
Download version 11 Series from here.
File size: 280Kb.
Estimated download time (56K modem): 51 minutes.


winzip Win Zip: Is the standard for opening and creating .ZIP files.
Download version 16.0 from here.
File size: 51.7Mb.
Estimated download time (56K modem): 20 minutes.