Sector of Sports Management - Physical Education in Schools - Recreation

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90432379The sector of Sports Management - Physical Education in Schools - Recreation covers the following areas of study:

Sports for all and Recreation, Sociology in Sport, Organization and Sports Management ,Pedagogic Sciences, Physical Education in Education, Teaching and Methodology of Physical Education and Sports, Motor Education, Assessment in Physical Education and Sports, Greek Traditional Dances, Psychology, History of Physical Education and Sports, Philosophy of Physical Education and Sports.

Head of Sector

Bebetsos Evangelos, Professor


Faculty Members

  1. Albanidis Evangelos, Professor
  2. Derri Vasiliki, Professor
  3. Kosta George, Professor
  4. Kourtesis Thomas, Professor
  5. Laios Athanasios, Professor
  6. Michalopoulos Maria, Professor
  7. Filippou Filippos, Associate Professor
  8. Gargalianos Dimitrios, Associate Professor
  9. Goulimaris Dimitrios, Associate Professor
  10. Matsouka Ourania, Associate Professor
  11. Tsitskari Efi, Associate Professor
  12. Vernadakis Nikolaos, Associate Professor
  13. Kouli Olga, Assistant Professor
  14. Yfantidou Georgia, Assistant Professor

Permanent Teaching and Laboratory Staff

  1. Emmanouilidou Kiki
  2. Koufou Neratzoula
  3. Trigonis Ioannis

Secretary: Archontidou Korina