Oral & Poster Presentations (Sections)

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1. Biomechanics, (PDF: 71Kb) 11. Sports Management, (PDF: 177Kb)
2. Sports, Recreation & Exercise, (PDF: 245Kb) 12. Sport for All, (PDF: 123Kb)
3. Sports Sociology, (PDF: 77Kb) 13. Sport Psychology, (PDF: 309Kb)
4. Sports Injuries – Athletic Training, (PDF: 250Kb) 14. History of Physical Education, (PDF: 151Kb)
5. Exercise Physiology, (PDF: 153Kb) 15. Nutrition, (PDF: 107Kb)
6. Biochemistry, (PDF: 71Kb) 16. Teaching Theory – Teaching, (PDF: 233Kb)
7. Motor Learning & Development, (PDF: 99Kb) 17. Measurement & Evaluation, (PDF: 153Kb)
8. Technology & Sports, (PDF: 156Kb) 18. Dance Sciences, (PDF: 227Kb)
9. Coaching in Individual Sports, (PDF: 220Kb) 19. Coaching in Team Sports, (PDF: 170Kb)
10. Exercise in people with disabilities, (PDF: 118Kb)

Parallel sessions

2nd Meeting of Biochemistry & Exercise Physiology, (PDF: 276Kb) 1st National Symposium of the Scientific Psychomotor Association Hellas, (PDF: 295Kb)