Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation Division

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rehabilitationlabThe Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation Division is primarily involved in the field of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. It deals with:
- Evaluating all basic parameters taken into account during rehabilitation.
- Implementing rehabilitation programmes and evaluating their results concerning the treatment of certain injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Evaluation methods for rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases
The parameters taken into account during rehabilitation from a musculoskeletal injury or disease are the mobility of the joint which suf fered the injury, muscle flexibility, muscle performance, proprioception and the ability to effectively perform functions. Overall evaluation of the parameters mentioned indicates the problems related to the injury and the treatment required for a quick return to action.

Planning and implementing rehabilitation programmes
Planning and implementation of various rehabilitation programmes is done based on the characteristics of each case in the Laboratory, beginning when the condition of the patient is acute and concluding with his/her return to action. The aim of the research conducted in the laboratory is to compare different protocols concerning the results the protocols had on the patients condition.