Clinical Exercise Physiology Division

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traininglabThe main aims of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Division are:

- To study body functions during exercise and the adaptations resulting from systematic training of athletes, and individuals with cardiovascular and otherchronic diseases.

- To evaluate physical abilities and identify health and physical condition factors, as well as factors affecting aerobic and anaerobic capacity, flexibility, body composition and anthropometric characteristics, in a wide spectrum of people.

- To record and observe various factors affecting human performance, talent scouting, energy metabolism, as well as muscular power production the force velocity relationshipas well as endurance by means of laboratory tests and field measurements.

- To explain and record physiological, metabolic, biochemical and neuromuscular parameters, hormonal responses, immune system responses, electromyographic activity of human muscle.

- To evaluate different exercise programmes on lipid, lipoproteins, hormonal responses, bone mineral content and endotheliumaffecting factors as well as muscle metabolism in people suffering from obesity, cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosisin the elderly.