How to achieve the goals and aims

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  1. By including basic courses which intend to provide a wide range of knowledge and practical-laboratory experience. Any later attempt for specialization during their course of studies will be pursued on this basis.
  2. By offering students specialized courses in order to help them acquire specialized knowledge, skills and experiences relevant to their area of specialization. As a result, students will become efficient to deal with any special cases they will have to face in the course of their future professional occupation.
  3. By providing courses which intend to help students fully understand the form and structure of activity courses - consisting popular forms of structured exercise and physical activity.
  4. By sampling experiences of the practical application of theory obtained via leadership in a working environment under targeted supervision.
  5. By supporting the learning process which includes the use of contemporary teaching methods, incorporating new technology, interaction and cooperative learning.
  6. By presenting the new trends springing up in the fields of research and information worldwide, as well as by providing challenges for graduate continuing education and exploitation of knowledge and experience available.
  7. By providing students with opportunities to familiarize with procedures and scopes of scientific research as this is supported by creativity and technological and socio-cultural development.
  8. By providing elective courses, which enable students to acquire skills knowledge and experience related to additional subjects, thus expanding their future professional options.
  9. By continually evaluating and upgrading the program of study thus checking its quality and effectiveness by recording the degree of students’ satisfaction and their absorption in the job marke