Research activity

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42-19706290The Physical Education and Exercise Laboratory places great emphasis on research which it supports and promotes at undergraduate as well as postgraduate and Ph.D. level. It offers laboratory-based courses whose content is in accordance with the specialised needs of modern science, and integrates the latest developments in physical education in Greece and abroad. In addition, members of the Department's teaching and research staff conduct training and research projects, whether independently or in cooperation with other universities and organisations, promoting academic research and providing modern sport science with new data.

Since it began operating, the Physical Education and Exercise Laboratory has engaged in important research work which bolsters the Department's reputation via a plethora of original publications prepared by its teaching and research staff, along with the scientific guidance it offers to athletes of various sports on National Team as well as club level. In addition the Laboratory is involved in issues of treatment of persons with chronic diseases (cardiopathy, diabetes, nephropathy, obesity, old age etc.) by applying specialised training protocols and making evaluations and special measurements in order to improve and advance health.