Mission and degrees

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IAI010000851The mission of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science encompasses the following main objectives:

- to cultivate and promote the Science of Physical Education and Sport through academic and applied teaching and research.
- to provide its graduates with adequate knowledge that will ensure their integrated proficiency for their scientific and professional career.
- to contribute to the development of sports in Greece and at the same time to cultivate and propagate the athletic ideal all over Greece.
- to raise public awareness regarding the importance of physical education as a crucial factor contributing to the improvement of their standard.

The offered degrees are:

  1. The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science awards the relevant degree of Physical Education and Sports.
  2. All issues relevant to the Academic procedures and requirements of the Undergraduate and Graduate programs of study are determined according to arrangements regarding relevant University Departments. The minimum numbers of semesters required for obtaining a degree is eight.
  3. Graduates of the Department of Physical Education can undertake:
    a. The teaching of Physical Education and Sport Science in every level of education, in athletic clubs and in all relevant prossesional and social settings.
    b. The teaching of courses relevant to the science of Physical Education.