Area of Concentration: Sport Recreation & Dance

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Τhe objectives of this sector include the acquisition by students broad base of knowledge and experience in matters of sport recreation and dance. In particular the sector focuses on organizing and implementing training programs for all, programs of kinetic recreation and Greek folk dances. Parallel objective is to acquire skills for the constant search of knowledge and demonstrating leadership in a rapidly changing environment. The graduates will be able to cope with work and social challenges that exist in the area, of recreation and dance. Specifically, through practical and theoretical courses of direction, students will learn the Greek dance repertoire, leisure activities and adventure sports. They will gain knowledge about the role of dance teacher, teaching methods and research, organizing dance events, the way that cultural institutions work, planning educational programs, the historical evolution of dance, the relationship between music and dance, dance performances, non-verbal communication, aesthetics and use of new technologies, the operation of programs working sport, implementing animation in hotels and companies in outdoor activities. The educational program provides guidance to graduate proper dance knowledge and skills to successfully meet the requirements of both the educational system (primary, secondary education) and cultural organizations that develop dance activities. At the same time graduates will acquire knowledge and skills to promote physical activity as a means of maintaining healthy, they will learn to design and implement interval programs (educational, recreational, physical activity, dance) with the most modern teaching methods, they will be familiar with the way they must cooperate with organizations helping to information on issues concerning the evaluation of programs of different ages and will gain knowledge and skills learning aiming lifelong learning.

Objectives of Specialisation: Sport Recreation & Dance

1. Sport Tourism and Recreation
This specialization aims at familiarizing students with the science of athletic recreation. Through lectures students acquire the basic knowledge about leisure management, recreation planning and the new trends in the field of exercising in modern society. By means of practical subjects, students learn to realize recreation programs and sport activities funded by local authorities, organize mass recreation programs, athletic camps, outdoor activities for companies, athletic activities in the workplace, work in hotels as animators, in gyms and with the elderly.

2. Greek Folk Dances
The purpose of specification is to acquire knowledge and skills for the proper technique of Greek folk dances movements’, the use of structural analysis, knowledge of the specific methodology of learning and knowledge of specific skills should be improved for the most comprehensive practical implementation. In addition, students will gain knowledge about the aesthetic and stylistic dimensions of dance and choreographic design with the ultimate goal of the presentation of Greek folk dances on stage and screen.