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XanthiK Full Name: Konstantinidou Xanthi
Title: Teaching and lab support staff (T.L.S.S.)
Area of expertise:  Football
Sector: Sports Training Theory & Application
Telephone: +30 25310 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office:  B1-6
Hours of listening students: Mon: , Tue: 

Teaching subjects
Fall semester:
Ν131 Football

Spring semester:
N141- Teaching Football

Research interests

  • Teaching methodology in Football
  • Womens Football
  • New technologies in Football
  • Technical & tactical analysis in Football
  • Gender stereotypes in sport

Brief curriculum vitae

  • Degree: EASA Thessaloniki, 1983
    Specialty: Football
    Equivalence  Degree in Physical Education and Sport Science AUTH 1987

  • Postgraduate degree. Team sports training. Ed. Foundation: Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program in Human Performance and Health. DPESS AUTH 2001

  • Doctoral title. "Sociological parameters that determine the profile of the athletes involved in competitive sport in Greece". DPESS DUTH 2013

  • Soccer Coach Educators  School, UEFA-HFF (2016-2018)

  • Certification of skills and knowledge in information and communication technologies in education  Level A-2005. Level B1-2017.  Training Trainers for Level B2 -2019

Research experience:

  • Member of the writing team of official textbooks: "Football in Physical Education. B class High School. Teacher's Book ". Minedu-Pedagogical Institute - OEDB. http: //
  • Scientific Instractor / Coach Educator in all Helenic Football Federation  Coaching Schools in the  Technology & Football field (UEFAPro, UEFA A, UEFA B, UEFA C, Futsal, Women's Course) (2006-2018)
  • Lectures in more than 100 seminars / workshops on teaching football, women's football, gender stereotypes in sport, physical education.

Reviewer in scientific journals:

  • Scientific journal "Woman and Sport" Edition: PEPGAS - University Studio Press.
  • Electronic magazine "Sports and Society" Published by: Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Research activities:

  1. -


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Short papers in International and Grreek Scientific Conferences: 6

Oral presentations and e-posters in Scientific Conferences: 44

 Author of 3 books:

  1.  Konstantinidou X. (2015) "Women in male sports, a sociological approach". SPANIDIS,Publication Xanthi. ISBN 978-960-6653-95-7.
  2. Konstantinidou X. (1990)"Soccer alphabet for female physical education teachers"  SALTO Publications, Thessaloniki.
  3. A. Sotiropoulos, I. Gissis, E. Bekris, M. Kassetas, X Konstantinidou, A. Zervas, D. Pantazis(2002) "Football Handbook".  Teletourion Publishing, Athens ISBN 960-8410-68-1.

Articles in International and Greek sports magazines:

  • «Women soccer won the gold». Women Soccer World vol 1,1996.
  • «From Athens Georgia to Athens Greece» .Women Soccer World vol.6,1997. 
  • «Soccer brings people together» Women Soccer World vol.9,1998.
  • «Women soccer in Greece.17 years between hopes and  disappointment» NETWORK WSF vol. 7, 1996.
  • "Women's football won in Atlanta Gold" Athirma, Issue 5, 1996
  • "Women's football National team. Looking in 2004". Sportsfile Issue 4, Thessaloniki, November 2001.
  • "Women's specific training in football. Coaching design of women's football teams ". Notes to 2nd Seminar SALTO, 1996.
  • "The Woman at the Olympic Games": BHMA news 1 August 2008.
  • "Teaching  Football in primary schools" EKIVOLOS HAPE. March 2010.
  • "Women and Soccer: Teammates or Opponents?" BHMA news 5/6/2010.