Intervarsity partnerships

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pe0035098One of the main goals of the university community is to develop substantive contacts between students of various universities. Some of the benefits offered by intervarsity partnerships are knowledge of various systems of study acquired through studying in those systems, cooperation on real problems faced by students, and the acquisition of life experiences. To this end, following the example set by visiting professor and teaching staff exchange programs, increasing numbers of student exchanges between universities have been organised. Relations between various European universities have become systematised and have increased in number thanks to European and international student exchange programmes. Such programs mainly involve students travelling to another country in Europe, outside of Greece, for a period of between three months and one academic year. During their studies abroad, students have to attend courses and exams similar to those included in the Greek university and respective program of study so that these courses can be accredited when they return. At the same time, students may write a dissertation project abroad, where agreement is reached with a supervising professor assigned by a relevant Department.