Courses of compulsory observation

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Non-Attedance: For those courses where attendance is compulsory, students are allowed not to attend 30% of the total number of lectures taught in every semester (General Assembly Decision 382/25-5- 2009).

1st year of studies

ID   Courses 1st Semester   ID   Courses 2nd Semester
N111 Swimming N121 Didactics in Swimming
N112 Track and Field Athletics N122 Didactics in Track and Field Athletics
N113 Basketball N123 Didactics in Basketball
N114 Gymnastics    
N119 New Technologies in Physical Education    

2nd year of studies

ID   Courses 3rd Semester   ID   Courses 4th Semester
Ν131 Football Ν141 Didactics in Football
Ν132 Volleyball Ν142 Didactics in Volleyball
Ν133 Handball Ν143 Didactics in Handball
Ν134 Artistic Gymnastics Ν144 Didactics in Artistic Gymnastics
Ν135 Introduction to Greek folk dance N0.. 3rd prerequisite elective course
Ν0.. 1st prerequisite elective course N0.. 4th prerequisite elective course
Ν0.. 2nd prerequisite elective course N148 Workshop: Assessment of Athletic Performance

3rd year of studies

ID   Courses 5th Semester   ID   Courses 6th Semester
N153 Teaching Technique of Weight Training N162 Resistance Training
N3.. 1st Concentration Course N3.. 3rd Concentration Course
N3.. 2nd Concentration Course N3.. 4th Concentration Course
N4..-N5.. 1st Specialization Course N4..-N5.. 2nd Specialization Course
N0.. 5th Elective course N0.. 6th Elective course *
 -  - N165 Workshop of scientific approach on undergraduate research report *

4th year of studies

ID   Courses 7th Semester   ID   Courses 8th Semester
Ν3.. 5th Concentration Course N181 Elementary & Secondary Physical Education Practicum
Ν3.. 6th Concentration Course Ν3.. 7th Concentration Course
Ν4..-Ν5.. 3rd Specialization Course Ν4..-Ν5.. 4th Specialization Course/td>
Ν4..-Ν5.. Specialization Practicum Ν0.. 8th Elective course *
Ν0.. 7th Elective course * Ν185 Undergraduate Research Project *
Ν175 Workshop for presentation and analysis of data using computers * -  

* During Concentration Studies each students can chose:
either 4 elective courses
(5th, 6th, 7th, 8th elective courses)
or 1 elective course (5th elective course) plus a Dissertation Study (courses with ID N165, N175 and N185).

For Dissertation Study (course N185) the successful completion of the courses N165 and N175, during the 6thand 7th semester is required. This comes in replacement of the 6th, 7th and 8th elective courses.