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no portrait eng Full Name: Kirialanis Paschalis
Title: Associate Professor
Area of expertise: Artistic gymnastics with emphasis on sports injuries
Sector: Exercise & Health
Telephone: +30 25310 39630
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office: Β2-23
Hours of listening students: Wed: 10.00-12.00, Fri: 10.00-12.00

Teaching subjects
Fall semester:
-N 134 Artistic Gymnastics

Spring semester:
-N144 Teaching Gymnastics
No 95 Trampoline

N 096 Acrobatic gymnastics at a sports performance

Research interests

  • -Artistic Gymnastics for Competition
  • Gymnastics for all
  •  Trampoline
  •  Preventing sports injuries
  •  Assessment of Physical motor Factors

Brief curriculum vitae

  • 1983. Bachelor of the National Academy of Physical Education of Athens (EASA).
  •  1983. Diploma in Specialization in Artistic Gymnastics
  •  1983. Certificate of attendance of English language courses (terminology and texts of Physical Education)\
  •  1987 Certificate of attendance of an informative meeting program (organized by the Ministry of National Education from 22 / 6-30 / 6/1987 in Spetses).
  •  1997-98. Postgraduate studies course for Ph.D. in Physical Education
  •  2001. Ph.D. in Physical Education Science, Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science. Doctoral dissertation "Knee and ankle injuries and factors that create them".
  •  2003. Monitoring of 120 hours of computer training in Power Point, Spss, Internet, financed by the special account of the Research Committee of the DUTH.

Research experience:

  • -• Μυστακοπούλου Φωτεινή (2005). Injuries in male and female gymnasts in high leve.l Επιτροπή: Κυριαλάνης Π., Μάλλιου Π., Γούργουλης Β. Κομοτηνή.
    • Μαυρομιχάλη Ελένη (2004). Evaluation of the effect of a specialized intervention program on the balance ability of the competitive gymnasts at D level and not competitive gymnasts. Επιτροπή: Γούργουλης Β., Κυριαλάνης Π., Δούδα Ε. Κομοτηνή.
    • Λουκανίδου Καλλιόπη. Problems of work related musculoskeletal disorders among nurses and the legal framework for changing duties. Επιτροπή: Κυριαλάνης Π., Μάλλιου Π., Φιλίππου Δ.
    • Λυμπερίδου Κ. Assessment of balance and the impact preventing injuries from risk of falls and better quality of life serviced elderly at “Homecare Programs”. Κυριαλάνης Π., Γούργουλης Β., Γιοφτσίδου Α
    • Βασιλειάδης Δημήτρης (2015). The effect of preoperative intervention in patients with osteoarthritis undergoing total knee preparation. Γιοφτσίδου Α., Μάλλιου Π., Κυριαλάνης Π.

Research activities:

  1. -As Scientific associate. Title: “Prosessing of data of the educational evolution of the students of PHYED-UTH over the past five years with the aim of identifying contributors to it as a scientific partner. Coordinator of the project, George Mavromatis. The program was approved by the Research Committee of the DUTH. Started in 1992 and completed in 1994.
  2. As Scientific associate. Title: Practical Training of students (Factories, Crafts, Industries, Various Services) and special groups of people from hospitals, institutions and schools to improve their fitness and health". Scientific coordinator of the project: Savvas Tokmakidis. The program was submitted to the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Community Support Framework, EPEAEK I & II (Sub-Program 3.4.b) was adopted in 1997.


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