Personal Page of Kouli Olga

okouli Full Name: Kouli Olga
Title: Assistant Professor
Γνωστικό αντικείμενο: Pedagogy of Physical Education in multinational training environment
Sector: Sports Management - Physical Education in Schools - Recreation
Telephone: +30 25310 39738
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office: Β1-12b
Hours of listening students: Tue: 15.00-16.30 - Thu: 14.00-15.00

Teaching subjects
Fall semester:

  • Ν118 Pedagogy (Tue: 13.30-15.00 & 16.50-18.20 & 18.30-20.00)
  • N137 P.E. in Primary Education (Thu: 15.10-16.40)
  • 273 Practice in School Environment in Primary Education (Thu: 10.45-12.25 & 12.35-14.00)

Spring semester:

  • Ν124 P.E. in Preschool Education (Tue: 09.55-11.25 & Thu: 11.35-13.05)
  • 248 Workshops School Physical Education in Preschool-Primary-Secondary Education (Thu: 16.50-18.20 & 18.30-20.00)
  • 085 Introduction to European & Latin Dances (Thu: 13.30-15.00 & 15.10-16.40)

Research interests

  • Pedagogy
  • Physical education
  • Crosscultural Education
  • Multicultural Classes Environment
  • Preshool Children
  • Aerobic
  • Dances

Brief curriculum vitae

  • PhD in Physical Education & Sports, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (D.P.E.S.S.), Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, June 2004.
    - Thessis title: «Ethnic identity and perception about the environment in physical education lesson».
  • Master Diploma in Physical Education & Sports, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (D.P.E.S.S.), Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, September 2000.
    - Direction: Pedagpgy
    - Thessis title: «Perception of motivation climate in physical education lesson and teacher's ancouragement, towards students who differentiate in sex athletic ability».
  • Degree in Physical Education & Sports, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (D.P.E.S.S.), Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, September, 1997.
    - Main Specialty: Greek Traditional Dances
    - 1st Secondary Specialty: Swimming
    - 2nd Secondary Specialty: Tennis
    - Diplomatic title: «Orientation of students in ego and task performance during sports activities in physical education».
  • Intermediate Vocational Graded Examination in Dance, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Modern Theatre Dance Faculty, London, England. 10 August, 2005.
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), 6 May, 2003.
  • Diploma of Participation, European Masters Program for Exercise and Sport Psychology, Intensive Course 2002, Amsterdam, February 10-23, 2002.
  • Πτυχίο First Certificate in English (F.C.E), Athens, June 1998.
  • Second year diploma, Aerobic & Fitness (από Private School): Degree: Advanced Aerobics, Athens, June 1998 & Degree: Personal Training, Ahens, June 1998 & Degree: Nutrition, Athens, June 1998 & Degree: Management & Organizatin Gyms, Athens, June 1998.
  • Δίπλωμα 1ου έτους, Greek Aerobic & Fitness (από Ιδιωτική Σχολή), (Aerobic and Fitness certification), Κομοτηνή, 30 Ιουνίου 1996. / Ανανέωση Πτυχίου, Αθήνα, Ιούνιος 1998.

Research experience:

  • Teaching in the Master Program"Sportand Qualityof Life" ofPhysical Education, DemocritusUniversity of Thraceand Universityof Thessaly (LaboratoryCourse"Theoryand ApplicationsInformation Processing"(802).
  • Reviewer of articlesin "Sports andSociety" -Journalof SportScience, publishedby the Departmentof PhysicalEducation and Sport Science, DemocritusUniversity of Thrace(2003-Present).
  • Reviewerin "Inquiries inPhysical Education&Sport" - ElectronicMagazine,the hellenicAcademy of PhysicalEducation (HAPE),which is publishedonline at: (2005-Present).
  • Trainerprogramsthat promoteequalityin society"Kallipateira."Olympic EducationOffice,Ministry of Education, Patras,18-22/12/2006&Komotini, 04-08/12/2006.
  • Trainerat ΕΦΕΠΕ conferencein collaborationwith the Ministry ofEducation MsinAthens 2001,entitled "Olympic Education- Athens 2004" that tookplace in Londonon 07June2003.
  • Coordinator-trainerin the trainingseminarOlympic Educationheldin Athens on08-11January2002and10-13 December2001.
  • Coordinator-traineringroupwork inthe seminarPhysical Educationteacher trainingprogramfor"OLYMPICEDUCATION" whichwas organized by theMinistryof National EducationandReligious Affairsand the OrganizingCommittee for the OlympicGames Athens2004, Thessaloniki, 22-26January2001 &Athens, 15-19January2001.
  • OlgaKouli,Speakeron "Dance andadolescence" inSymposiumon "Exercise,dance, nutrition&health", KilkisApril 4, 2009.
  • OlgaKouli,Speakeron "Interculturalism"Roundtableon"Unity: SchoolPhysical Education.New Trendsin Physical Education. "9th Congressof Physical Educationand Sport, the Associationof PhysicalNorthern Greece (E.G.V.E.), Thessaloniki, 7 -9 April 2006.
  • Member of Scientific Committee,12th&8th&9thPanhellenicCongress of Physical Educationand Sport, the Associationof PhysicalNorthern Greece, heldin Thessaloniki, 3 -5 April 2009and 7- 9 April2006 andfrom 8 to 10April 2005 respectively.
  • Memberwriting groupforthe book"PhysicsEducation,EducationalBook,Third Grade", Ministryof Education,Institute of Education,Institute for EducationalBooks,Athens,2008 Edition.
  • Memberwriting groupforthe book"PhysicsEducation,EducationalBook, SecondSchool", Ministryof Education,Institute of Education,Institute for EducationalBooks,Athens, VersionA2007.
  • "In the dawn of the new millennium", Vol. 1st: Tuesday, May 29, Vol. 2nd: Wednesday, May 30, Vol. 3rd: Thursday, May 31, Vol. 4th: Friday, June 1, & Vol. 5th: Saturday, June 2. 10th World Congress of Sport Psychology, Edited by Athanasios Papaioannou, Marios Goudas and Yannis Theodorakis. Preparation of the programme and proceedings was voluntary made by Dr. Nikolaos Digelidis, Dr. Evagelos Bebetsos, Mrs Olga Kouli, Mr Triantafyllos Christodoulidis, Mrs Fani Balamonti, & Mrs Sotiria Zanou. Christodoulidi Publications, 2001.

Research activities:

  1. Participation in theproject "Kallipateira:Design and implementation oftraining programs forteachersof Physical Education-Olympic Education-Development /curriculumdevelopment,training,educational materialsand Action PlanPilotSchoolPrograms"code53014.01inScientificOfficerMr.AthanasiosIoannisTheodorakisconducted bythe Departmentof Physical Educationand Sport, University ofThessaly.10 November 2006- 28 February2007.
  2. Participation in theproject entitled"Qualityof Life andExercise"with code3359,with ScientificOfficerMr.AthanassiosPapaioannou, conductedby the Departmentof Physical Educationand Sportat the Universityof Thessaly.01April2006 to 31December 2006.
  3. Participation in theProgram entitled"Attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors: 1)Physical Educationlesson, 2)thesports facilities,3) fora healthylifestyle,individuals whodiffer ingender,age, social class,religionand degree ofkineticdifficulty-relief', conductedby the Departmentof PhysicalEducation and Sport Science, DemocritusUniversity of Thrace, funded by theSecondCommunity Support Frameworkunder Action3.2.b"research"of the OperationalProgramme for Educationand InitialVocationalTraining (OPE.A.E.K.).September 1998- April2000.


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